Our story

It all started a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... just kidding. Our beloved Grandpa started this journey for us. He was fondly called "Puttumam" by his fellow Kadpadikars (people of Kadpadi, Karnataka).We know his blessings guide us clearly define our path. It is his spirit of generosity and intention of serving good food always, that has continued till date. A certain divine magic and satisfaction after a meal; despite the rare mistakes or shortcomings; the cafe prevails and is evident by the smiles and happy hearts that we encounter in our clients.

The year 1940, is when Sr. Kamath started Cafe Madras along with a Tamilian friend (who left for America in the consequent 5 years). Those old times were all about giving, so he gave many a chance to run the place for him, eventually his son Jagdish took over and now his grandsons Jaiprakash and Dev hold the boat.

Cafe Madras has witnessed so many trying times and still does, but through our Grandpa's and Almighty's grace and surely people's blessings, it perseveres splendidly. The cafe is a blessing and a gift for us and countless others who love our food, we can only look above and be thankful.

Here's to the future, we can't hardly wait!