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The little store right outside Cafe Madras in the porch area, is now filled with goodies for you to take home. The faith and values of Cafe Madras packaged in mostly 200g packs for you to enjoy. Try our list. Bon appetite!

The shop at Cafe Madras

Besan Ladu

Bhajini Chakli

Pepper banana chips

Butter Chakli

Butter Murukku

Sweet (Ripened) Banana Chips

Diet Chivda

Golden chivda

Karela Chips

Karo Sev

Banana Chips

Kurmura Ladu

Masala Murukku

Teekha Sev

Peanut Jaggery Ladu

Plain Sev

Raagi Chakli

Raagi Chips

Rajgira Ladu

Rajgira peanut Ladu

Red chilli banana chips

Malabar Pakoda

Rice Chakli

Soya Chips

Soya sticks

Spicy Sankar paali

Sweet Banana Chips

Sakkar palli

Tapioca Chips

Til laddu


Tomato Banana Chips